A student who's loved, is a student who learns.
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Our Humble Beginnings

Founded by Dominican Sisters Marie McBride and Elaine Robbins, AFCAAM - the Africa Caribbean American Center - recruits K-5 students from the Dunbar and Harlem Heights communities who would benefit from additional reading and mentoring services. AFCAAM students come from all ethnic, cultural and family backgrounds. K-5 students are placed in small classrooms (normally 10 students or less) where they receive 300 hours of group and 1-on-1 reading tutelage per year. The only requirement for enrollment are students who are eager to improve their reading and parents who remain committed to their child’s love of reading. Read more about us here.

After School Reading Program

Bill Iwaniki | Program Director
The AFCAAM After-School Reading Program Dunbar/Harlem Heights is committed to educating the young of the community, encouraging and inspiring them to be life-long learners, people of service and community builders. E-mail: b.iwanicki@afcaam.com Phone: 239.461.0234

SKILLS Female Mentoring

Veronica Barber | Director
S.K.I.L.L.S (Success thru Knowledge and Innovative Lifelong Learning Skills) is a mentoring program dedicated to embracing and empowering youth with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to make good life choices. E-mail: v.barber@afcaam.com Phone: 239.461.0234

Straight Talk Male Mentoring

Calvin Smith | Director
The Straight Talk Male Mentoring program is designed to increase academic performance, self- esteem and emotional developement. E-mail: v.barber@afcaam.com Phone: 239.461.0234